Articles of Association

Articles of Association as of 26 April 2023

Investment Regulations

Investment Regulations

Environmental Social Governance

The reputation of EPIC as a company with integrity and responsibility plays an important role in pursuing its business strategy. Therefore, EPIC and its employees and representatives strive to conduct its business activities in a responsible and sustainable manner. The corresponding principles are defined in the company’s Code of Conduct, requiring EPIC’s team to act with integrity when dealing with business partners, customers, guests, authorities, and other stakeholders. Together with several other relevant policies, it can be downloaded in pdf format from this page.

EPIC is strongly committed to the environmental sustainability of its property portfolio and to this end is making continuous investments into the modernization, insulation, and other sustainable and ecologically friendly features of its properties. An increasing number of properties in operation are certified by Minergie, a Swiss registered quality label for new and refurbished and low-energy consumption buildings. Environmental sustainability is also among key guiding principle for EPIC's development projects. 

EPIC believes that the innovation made possible by the sharing of diverse ideas, perspectives and approaches is vital to the advancement of its business. Consequently, the company is committed to diversity. 

Climate and Natural Hazards Risk Management Policy
Code of Conduct
Policy on Gender Pay Equality, Diversity and Human Capital Development
Environmental - Green Buildings Investment Policy
3R Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Anti Bribery Policy